Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weight Loss Motivation

Imagine my woe when I looked down at the scale and saw that I have gained weight. In truth I and everyone else around me though I was thinning out. Well spit on that idea because the scale apparently doesn't lie :p. Now I've been torturing myself looking at pictures of gothic girls and gothic clothes telling myself that "Thin is graceful, fat is not" and "Nobody likes a fat bat". Oh the stresses of being female....XP

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick clarification

Ello to all and blessed be. I am new to blogspot and good god this site is confusing. Let me just begin with a simple statement: I AM NOT A POSER, PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME AS SUCH. IF YOU BELIEVE I AM A POSER THEN EDUCATE ME :) Thank you. I look forward to sharing poetry, short stories and just simple rants and raves with you fellow bloggers. PLEASE do not reproduce my work without credit (not saying I'm good or anything XD). Anyway, that's pretty much it, and thank you <3