Friday, May 6, 2011

Cliches to Accomplish (WARNING: Contains Cliches)

1. Read The Raven on a rainy night by candlelight while listening to Beethoven

2. Make my own outfit complete with lace, ribbon lacing and patches

3. Go to a Gothic Club

4.  Go to an elaborate cemetery and

5.  Have a vampire movie marathon

6. Do charcoal sketchings of nature

7. Publish my poetry

8. Get my boyfriend into the 69 Eyes XD

9.  Learn Russian

10. Drink Absinthe PROPERLY

Now my little ghouls, what do YOU want to do? ;D


  1. I'd like to read a poem/novel by candlelight, too...and go to a cemetery to visit and pay respects to the locals...and go to a gothic/alternative club!